Jesus Christ our Savior. His Cross our Message. His Word our Guide.

07-01-18 Follow in Jesus- Forgiveness

Follow in Jesus’ Forgiveness

Luke 23:32-34 & Matthew 18:21-35

This six week series has a launching point from 1 Peter 2:21, which also provides the theme for Vacation Bible School. We began with following in Jesus’ faithfulness because receiving grace through faith is the foundation for every other characteristic. Today we focus on following in Jesus’ forgiveness. Jesus taught and demonstrated forgiveness – the forgiveness from God and the act of forgiving others.

Receiving Essential Mercy

Jesus demonstrated mercy by forgiving others.

Jesus sacrificial death provides justice and allows mercy.

We receive mercy by trusting in God’s grace through Jesus.

In receiving mercy, we acknowledge our deep need for it.


Re-giving God’s Mercy

We all experience being wronged – sometimes severely.

Jesus taught the necessity of forgiving others.

By God’s grace we are able to forgive from our heart.

Mercy releases the cords of bitterness binding our souls.


Refusing to Extend Mercy

We tend to demand justice from our point of view.

We maintain the pain of resentment as a badge of honor.

We would be rejecting the very principle of mercy.

We would be choosing the harshest consequence.

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