Jesus Christ our Savior. His Cross our Message. His Word our Guide.

07-08-18 Follow in Jesus- Humbleness

Follow in Jesus’ Humbleness

John 13:1-17 & Matthew 18:1-6

This six week series has a launching point from 1 Peter 2:21, which also provides the theme for Vacation Bible School. We began with following in Jesus’ faithfulness because receiving grace through faith is the foundation for every other characteristic. Today we focus on following in Jesus’ humbleness, which Jesus both demonstrated and taught.

Having an Accurate Understanding of Oneself

Know our strengths.

Know our needs.

Know our place.


Learning to Appropriately Receive

Not assuming we are deserving.

Not rejecting because of false humility.

But putting it all into proper perspective.


Willing to Serve Others as the Least

No job is beneath us.

Our Master is the Greatest and we point to him

We are double blessed – in receiving and giving

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