Jesus Christ our Savior. His Cross our Message. His Word our Guide.

06-24-18 Follow in Jesus- Faithfulness

Follow in Jesus’ Faithfulness

Luke 22:39-46 & Acts 11:19-24

 This six week series has a launching point from 1 Peter 2:21, which also provides the theme for Vacation Bible School. We will look at six characteristics that are necessary for us to follow in Jesus’ steps. Jesus demonstrated each of these, giving us an example to follow. We begin with “faithfulness” because everything we do depends on faithfully responding to God’s gracious love and His call upon our lives. Faithfulness means:

Being in Relational Commitment

To the Father (love) – not external standards (Luke 22:42)

Jesus – as a High Priest and a Son (Hebrews 2:17, 3:6)

Us – to the Lord (Acts 11:23)


Turning from the Old to the New

Not entering into temptation (Luke 22:40, 46)

Strengthened by an angel (Luke 22:43)

By the grace of God through the Holy Spirit (Acts 11:23, 24)


Seeking God’s Will Above All Else

Trusting the Father (Luke 22:42)

Jesus – the cost was extraordinary (Luke 22:42-44)

Us – enter faith knowing the cost (Acts 11:19-21)


Living with Steadfast Purpose

For God’s will (Luke 22:42 & Acts 11:23)

Motivated by ultimate joy (Hebrews 12:1-2 & Acts 11:23)

Encouraging one another to stay in the grace of God (Acts 11:23)

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