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03-06-16 Yielding to Authorities Over Us

Yielding to Authorities Over Us
1 Peter 2:18-25

Peter is concerned with how we faithfully deal with authorities. Last week the context was government. Next week it will apply to marriages. Sandwiched in between is how we respond in our work environment. Even if you are retired, there will be occasions to share wisdom with family members or neighbors who are in difficult work situations. The gospel really does apply to all areas of our lives.

Situation in the Roman Empire
Modern application is for employer/employee relationship

Subject to their authority
Regardless of the behavior of the boss/supervisor

Gracious Thing
Our endurance while suffering unjustly displays God’s grace
God sees this gracious act and it is pleasing to Him

Christ Is Our Example
Jesus had no sin or deceit
Bad News: like straying sheep
Good News: Jesus bore our sins
So that we would die to sin and live to righteousness

When reviled (criticized in an abusive/insulting/angry way)
Not return the demeaning behavior
When suffering (under harsh conditions or treatment)
Not verbally or physically threaten

Jesus trusted in the Father who judges justly

We follow in His steps – What would Jesus do? (WWJD)

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