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02-28-16 Politics for Temporary Residents

Politics for Temporary Residents
1 Peter 2:11-17

Election years seem long with inescapable media coverage. Complex issues are reduced to sound bites and slogans. Mudslinging is common, demonizing others because it works. Peter offers us wisdom for faithfully relating to politics and government.

Remember This World Is Not Our Final Home
Peter’s second reminder that we are sojourners and aliens

We are not bound by race, geography, gender or time
Don’t Yield to Passions that Wage War against Our Souls
Peter’s second reminder about the passions of the flesh
Choose not to fight against our own good, but for it

Conduct Our Lives in Ways that Express Faith in Christ
Choose to be honorable (integrity, humility)
Glorify God through our words and actions
Do good (God’s will) as servants – it silences critics
Fear God – this is trusting in God who is above all else
Do not use our freedom as an excuse to do harm

Be Subject to the Government
God given purpose is to punish evil and praise good
Jesus’ words and context in Matthew 22:21

Seek to Honor Everyone
Respect other people, even though their values clash with ours
Be sensitive that not all rejoice with the results of elections
Honor (respect, obey) governmental leaders
Pray for all political leaders (1 Timothy 2:1-2)
Watch carefully our attitudes and words (Prov. 22

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