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02-21-16 Living Stones

Living Stones

1 Peter 2:4-10

I imagine Peter, whose name means Rock, would have reflected on the imagery in the Psalms that describe God as a Rock. In this passage he quotes from Psalms, Isaiah (and Jesus), calling Christ a living stone and cornerstone. Through Christ, we are living stones with purpose.

 The Supremacy of Christ

Chosen – God’s plan of salvation

Precious – of infinite value

Cornerstone – all things are built upon Him

Living Stone – resurrection life and power

The Stumbling of Unbelief

Disobeying the word

Rejecting Christ’s mercy, position and value

Taking offense at Christ’s teachings and claims

Destined- Have free will, but rejection of Christ does not:

Control God

Change Christ’s status

Challenge or defeat God’s plans

The Honor of Belief

Receiving mercy

Valuing Christ as precious

Worshipping God through Christ like living stones

Proclaiming the glory of Christ’s excellencies

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