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03-13-16 Godly Marriage

Godly Marriage
1 Peter 3:1-7

Scripture has much to say about marriage; some by teaching and some by example. Peter offers only a small slice of the whole, but it is rich in purpose and insight. Relationships, especially marriage, reveal our flaws and imperfections. The context of Peter’s letter is that all of our conduct is in and through the grace of God in Christ.

Purpose: Husbands may be won to Christ or encouraged in faith

Conduct: submitting
Respectful and pure
– Not relying and hoping in external and fading styles
+ But adorning the hidden person of the heart
With the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit
(This is precious to God)
+ Placing hope in God
+Doing good
– Not fearing in anything frightening

Submission is NOT:
Always agreeing with husband in important matters
Leaving her brains at the altar
Avoiding effort to change her husband
Putting will of husband before the will of Christ
Getting all spiritual strength from her husband
Acting in fear toward her husband

Purpose: so that prayers may not be hindered

Conduct: understanding
Showing honor (see also 2:17)
Non-threatening (to the weaker vessel)

Joint Heirs of the Grace of Life
Salvation of one not dependent on the other
Full equality before God
Receive the same inheritance

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