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02-25-18 Another Helper: The Presence of Christ

Another Helper: The Presence of Christ

John 14:12-31

In this passage, Jesus promises he will ask the Father to send another helper, the Holy Spirit. There is a lot in this passage, so we will take two weeks with it. Next week we will focus on the Spirit’s role of teaching us truth. Today we consider the Holy Spirit as the presence of Christ dwelling in us. This is appropriate on a communion Sunday, because we believe in the spiritual presence of Christ in the bread and the cup.

 Believing and Loving Jesus (vs 1, 12, 15, 21, 23)


Gift of the Holy Spirit

Another (vs 16, 1 John 2:1)


Helper (vs 16)


From the Father at Jesus’ Request (vs 16, 26, 15:26; Gal. 4:6)


Be with Us Forever (vs 16)


Dwells with and in Us (vs 17, 23)


Benefits of the Holy Spirit

Union with Christ and the Father (vs 20, 23)


Love of Christ and the Father (vs 21, 23)


Peace of Christ (vs 26-27)

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