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03-04-18 Another Helper- The Spirit of Truth

Another Helper: The Spirit of Truth

John 14:12-31

In this passage, Jesus promises he will ask the Father to send another helper, the Holy Spirit. Last week we considered the Holy Spirit as the presence of Christ dwelling in us. Today we will focus on the Spirit’s role of teaching us truth. Throughout his writings, John emphasizes truth and love, which he shows us are intertwined, interdependent and inseparable.

 Doing the Works of Jesus – Loving & Sharing Truth (vs 12-15)

Belief\faith\trust in Jesus is foundational


Loving Jesus means keeping His commands (doing works)


Greater works through the Spirit working in all of us

Whatever You Ask in My Name (vs 13-14)

Not magical incantation or promise for whatever we want


In Jesus’ name = in what honors Him – His will


In ways that glorify the Father through the Son

Receiving the Indwelling of the Spirit (vs 17)

world cannot receive                           neither sees him nor knows him

you know him                                       he dwells with you and in you


You Will Know (vs 20, 26)

Unity of the Father and Son and our union with God


Spirit will teach all things concerning Jesus


Spirit will help bring to remembrance what we need

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