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02-18-18 How Can We Know the Way

How Can We Know the Way?

John 14:1-11

Five times in the Book of Acts, the early church is referred to as the Way. It is probably from Jesus’ declaration, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life.” Embracing this truth provides the way to hope in the present and ushers us into eternal life in the presence of God.

 Troubled Hearts

Universal experience

Barrier to belief

Robber of hope

A Place Prepared

Father’s house

By Jesus

With Jesus

Knowing Jesus (the Way)

The key to genuine faith

Ample evidence

Only access to the Father

Seeing the Father (the Life)

The Father in Jesus

Jesus in the Father

Dwells – abides – eternal relationship

Believing Jesus (the Truth)

Authority of the Father

Unity with the Father

Works of the Father done through Jesus’ words

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