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01-03-16 Choose This Day!

Choose This Day!
Joshua 24:14-28, Ezekiel 36:22-28

Near the end of Joshua’s life he assembles all Israel and its leaders. He declares on behalf of the LORD a short history of God’s faithfulness in delivering them from bondage in Egypt, providing for them in the wilderness and securing for them the Promised Land. He then puts the challenge before them to choose whom they will serve. Joshua then affirms, “But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.” The start of a new year is an appropriate time for us to affirm that it is the LORD we choose to serve.

We Must Choose
Identify idols
Look to Jesus as the clearest expression of God
Incline our hearts to the greatest good – God
Freely submit daily (hourly, minute by minute)

We Have a Great Inheritance
God is faithful to His promises
We are joint heirs with Christ
We receive an eternal glory beyond all comparison

We Are Not on Our Own
God is holy
We sin (our inability to constantly love and trust God)
For His own sake God redeems us
God gives us a new heart and the Holy Spirit

Action: For 2016, I choose daily to ___________________________

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