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12-27-15 The Significance of Blessing: Peace

The Significance of Blessing: Peace

Luke 2:22-38

Bless– to praise, glorify, speak well of, to invoke divine care

Blessing – the act or words of the one that blesses

Forty days after Jesus’ birth, Mary, Joseph and Jesus go to the Temple for the rite of purification. There they encounter Simeon and Anna and we learn important things about blessing.

Blessing Is Received and Given through Faith

Simeon’s characteristics of faith

Righteous, devout, waiting for the consolation of Israel

Open to the Holy Spirit

Anna’s characteristics of faith

Prophetess, worshiped with fasting day and night


Blessing Is God Oriented

Simeon blessed God for God’s redeeming work

Leads to peace (shalom)

According to God’s word

About salvation for all peoples through Christ

Light for revelation to the Gentiles

Glory to God’s people Israel

Anna gave thanks to God for redemption

Blessing Moves Outward to Others

Simeon then blesses Joseph and Mary

Anna then spoke to all who were waiting for redemption

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