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01-10-16 Encouragement for Resident Aliens

Encouragement for Resident Aliens

1 Peter 1:1-2

 Today we start a series on the First Letter of Peter. Written in the mid 60’s AD, Peter addresses Christians who were displaced and being persecuted for their faith. While we don’t face such a strong opposition, our culture is changing and Christian values and morals are no longer the norm and not always welcome. In any era or any place, while on earth we are exiles or resident aliens. We are sojourners on our way to our true home. This letter speaks to us.

Listening to Peter

An apostle

Identify with his character

Living as Resident Aliens


Foreign values, morals and faith

Purposeful with hope and joy

Directed toward our true home

Receiving the Work of God

Election according to the foreknowledge of God the Father

In the sanctification of the Spirit

For sprinkling with the blood of Jesus Christ

Grace and peace multiplied to us

Responding to the Call of God

Obedience (of faith) to Jesus Christ

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