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11-13-16 Exalting Jesus

Exalting Jesus

John 3:22-36

Many people had come to John the Baptist to be baptized and to seek to follow God. It was confusing for some when Jesus came on the scene and became the new focal point.  John only saw his own ministry as pointing to Jesus and exalting Him.

Crucial Decision of Exalting Jesus

Eternal life vs the wrath of God (vs 36)

Wrath is just punishment for an offense against God

Offense: not exalting the Son whom the Father loves (vs 35-36)

Reasons to Exalt Jesus

Jesus offers the greatest purification (vs 25-26)

Jesus receives His authority and power from heaven (vs 27)

Jesus is the Christ (Messiah, Anointed One of God) (vs 28)

Jesus is the Bridegroom of the Church (His bride) (vs 29)

Jesus comes from above and is above all (vs 31)

Jesus speaks the words of God which He witnessed (vs 32-34)

Jesus receives the Spirit without measure from the Father (vs 34)

Jesus is loved by the Father (vs 35)

Jesus has received “all things” from the Father (vs 35)

Ways to Exalt Jesus

Point others to Jesus (vs 28)

Rejoice in Him as the Bridegroom (vs 29)

Decrease before Him (vs 30)

Receive His testimony as true (vs 33)

Believe (trust) and (=) obey (vs 36)


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