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10-16-16 Marks of a Disciple- John 1: 35-51

Marks of a Disciple

John 1:35-51

Jesus selected his disciples with purpose. They had certain characteristics that would grow over time. Though it is not a complete picture, in this passage we find several of these character marks that are important for us to have as we also seek to be faithful disciples of our Lord Jesus.

Spiritually Oriented (vs 35-36)


Seeker of Truth (vs 37-38)


Completely Committed (vs 38)


Fully Obedient (vs 39)


Heart to Share (vs 40-45)


Discerning Mind (vs 46)


Maintaining Integrity (vs 47)


Recognizing Jesus (vs 48-49)


Trusting in God’s Power (vs 50-51)

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