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09-17-17 I Am the Door of the Sheep

I Am the Door of the Sheep

John 10:1-10

At the end of the account of Jesus healing a man who was born blind, the Pharisees ask Jesus if they are also blind (spiritually). Jesus responds that they are not blind because they say “We see (understand).” Then he addresses them, while others listen, with his voice of certainty and authority, “Truly, truly, I say to you.” As always, His words are for us as well.

Finding Protection from False Shepherds

Thieves and robbers (vs. 1 & 10)

Strangers (vs. 5)

Goal is Satan’s – to steal and kill and destroy (vs. 10)

Who is the gatekeeper? (vs. 3)

Believing the Claims of Jesus

Unexpected identity as the Door (vs. 7 & 9)

Exclusive claim as the only Door (vs. 8-9)

Call to discernment and decision (vs. 9 & 19-21)

Benefiting from Good Pasture

His sheep (vs. 3)

Salvation (vs. (9)

Freedom (vs. 9)

Abundant life (vs. 10)

Following the Voice of Jesus

Choosing the right door (vs. 9)

Gaining sensitivity to His voice (vs. 5 & 8)

Yielding to His word (vs. 3)

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