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06-04-17 Though I Was Blind, Now I See

Though I Was Blind, Now I See

John 9:8-25

In Chapter 9, Jesus again asserts that He is the light of the world as He heals a man born blind. Jesus declares and demonstrates God’s sovereign power and grace. As the story about the man unfolds, we learn more about faith through ignorance, antagonism and humor.

Seeing Jesus

Be spiritually open


Let Jesus be Jesus


Desire to learn more


Seeing Grace

Jesus repeatedly and purposefully does miracles on the Sabbath


Pharisees turned the Law into works of righteousness


Jesus shows the heart of the gospel, grace, is at stake


Seeing All of Life through New Eyes

Jesus’ ultimate goal for us is spiritual healing through grace


Everything changes as we view life through God’s work


Our story is sufficient for sharing the gospel

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