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05-21-17 Sin and Adversity

Sin and Adversity

John 9:1-7

Chapter 9 tells the account of a man born blind who is healed by Jesus. Jesus again asserts that He is the light of the world. His disciples asked who had sinned that caused this man to be born blind. This was a common perception of why people suffer and a legitimate question. We must be cautious not to build a complete picture of suffering on one story. We also must be careful not to make assumptions about how God operates. Jesus, once again, challenges how we view life. Our condition is the result of a complex and often unknown mixture of sin operating in us and others. Always, God is in control.

Sometimes Our Own Sin Is the Major Cause


Sometimes Someone Else’s Sin Is More Prominent


Sometimes Sin Appears Not to Be a Factor


Sometimes God Specifically Acts to Display His Glory


In All Situations, God Works for Our Good to Show His Glory


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