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05-13-18 This Was to Fulfill Scripture

This Was to Fulfill the Scripture
John 19:23-42

John gives his purpose in describing the death of Jesus.

He who saw it has borne witness — his testimony is true, and he knows that he is telling the truth — that you also may believe. (19:35)

Beyond his eyewitness, John wants us to see the evidence of God’s redemptive design through the fulfillment of scriptures written hundreds of years earlier.
Prophecy – specific prediction and corresponding fulfillment
Typological Prophecy – person, place or event that prefigures a greater reality and is fulfilled more than once
A referenced verse recalls the whole passage and context.
Vs. 24 referring to Psalm 22:18
Vs. 28 referring to Psalm 22:15, Psalm 69:21
Vs. 36 referring to Exodus 12:46, Numbers 9:12 (Passover lamb)
Vs. 37 referring to Psalm 22:16, Isaiah 53:5, Zechariah 12:10
We also see vs. 38 referring to Isaiah 53:9

God Mysteriously and Purposefully Intertwines Our Lives
Typological prophecies demonstrate our connectedness

These connections span the breadth of time

So much more is hidden below the surface

God Sovereignly Controls the Course of History
Nothing is outside God’s perfect plan

We have full assurance throughout eternity

We have hope during all our suffering in this life

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