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05-06-18 The Humiliation of the Son of God

The Humiliation of the Son of God

John 19:1-22

All four gospel writers give considerable space to the torture and crucifixion of Jesus. We might think that the resurrection should have the longer narrative and include more detail, but that is not the case. We understand the importance of the cross – Jesus taking on our punishment and dying in our place, but why such a strong emphasis on the suffering and humiliation of the Son of God? While admittedly incomplete, we will focus today on these five reasons:

We Witness the Recognized Innocence of Jesus

(vs. 4, 6)


We See the Denial of the True Identity of Jesus

(vs. 7)


We Hear the Utter Rejection of the Kingship of Jesus

(vs. 14-15)


We Appreciate the Immense Cost of Our Salvation

(vs. 1-5, 16-18)


We Understand that God Is Always in Complete Control

(vs. 10-11, 19-22)


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