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03-05-17 Dealing with the Exclusive Claims of Jesus

Dealing with the Exclusive Claims of Jesus

John 6:41-59

Jesus’ words sometimes seem repetitive. But because His symbolism is hard to grasp (people tend to take Him literally), He repeats His claims so that His hearers can come to grips with their meaning. Responses to Jesus varied, especially when He used figurative language and made exclusive claims.

Who Does He Think He Is? – Grumblers

We lack complete knowledge

Jesus and the gospel are both inclusive and exclusive

Jesus’ exclusive claims are crucial – blasphemy or truth

Jesus’ answer to grumblers – only He has seen the Father

We come to Jesus by the sovereign work of the Father (grace)

Believing Jesus is the bread of life is to have life

How Can He Do These Absurd Things? – Disputers

These confusing words predate The Lord’s Supper

This symbolism indirectly points to His sacrificial death

Jesus’ answer to disputers – true spiritual satisfaction is in Him

We choose to view Jesus as either a liar, a lunatic or the Lord

Abiding in Jesus is ongoing faith and relationship

Jesus promises to abide in us and we will live forever

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