Jesus Christ our Savior. His Cross our Message. His Word our Guide.

02-26-17 Jesus is the Bread of Life

Jesus Is the Bread of Life

John 6:22-40

The day before this encounter, the disciples and some from the crowd of 5000, which were fed by five loaves and two fish, learned more about Jesus’ compassion, ability, abundance, identity and lordship. Now they (and we) learn more about how Jesus wants us to respond to him as he declares the first of his “I am” statements.

Seek Jesus for the Right Reason

Not as a cosmic vending machine

Not for grand entertainment

For true signs that point to Jesus’ real identity

With a genuine desire to be doing the work of God

Trust Jesus in the Right Way

Not with an unquenchable need for constant proof

Not with trusting in the things that really only point to Jesus

Believe Jesus is the Bread of Life given by the Father

Have faith that Jesus gives life to the world

Find Hope in Jesus that Never Fades

Not looking to Jesus is to not quench spiritual hunger and thirst

Not believing in Jesus is to not have eternal hope

Trusting in Jesus shows the Father gave us to Jesus (God’s will)

Jesus seals our eternal life and our resurrection

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