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02-12-17 Seeking God’s Glory

Seeking God’s Glory

John 5:30-47

When Jesus’ critics rightly understood that He was claiming equality with God, Jesus explained that He only does what the Father does, is granted life in Himself and is given all judgment. Then He defended Himself by citing the most authoritative testimonies to His claims. Jesus makes the crux of the issue whether or not we seek God’s glory. (5:44)

Roadblocks to Faith and the Need for Testimony

Easily distracted and temporary joy (vs.35)

Not seeing and hearing God (vs.37)

Not understanding Jesus (vs.40 & 43) [more on this next week]

Not having the love of God within (vs.42)

Receiving glory from one another (vs.43-44)

Not believing/understanding Moses & scripture (vs.39 & 45-47)

Sufficient Testimony to the Glory of Jesus

Another? (vs.32)

John (vs.33-35)

Jesus’ very works given by the Father (vs.36)

The Father (vs.37-38)

Scripture [all of the Old Testament] (vs.39)

Moses [to whom God revealed the Law] (vs.45-47)

Jesus’ Glory and Gracious Purposes for Us

Have salvation (vs.34) Eternal life (vs.39) Life (vs.40)

Experience endless rejoicing (vs.35)

Have God’s word abiding in us (vs.38)

Have God’s love within us (vs.42)

Live with true hope [assurance] (vs.45)

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