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02-05-17 The Authority of Jesus

The Authority of Jesus

John 5:18-30

After Jesus heals a man on the Sabbath (presumably violating the Law), Jesus calls God His Father. Those who were seeking to quiet Him rightly understood that He was claiming equality with God. This would be utter contempt against the glory of God (which they believed), unless it was true.

Jesus Only Does What the Father Does (vs 19-20, 30)

The Son can do nothing on His own

The Father loves the Son and shows Him all He is doing

The Son seeks the will of the Father who sent Him

When we do what Jesus does and says, we do the Father’s work

Jesus Is Granted Life in Himself (vs 21, 24-26, 28)

Jesus is co-eternal with the Father

All who hear His word and believe the Father have eternal life

Jesus has the power to raise the dead by His voice

When we listen/believe the word of Jesus, we experience life

Jesus Is Given All Judgment (vs 22-23, 27-30)

The Father wants all to honor His Son just as they honor Him

Not honoring the Son is dismissive of the Father

Jesus’ judgment is just because He seeks the will of the Father

When we take seriously the reality of good and evil and of a final resurrection to eternal life or judgment, we should choose Jesus

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