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06-26-16 Water: Thirst

Water: Thirst
Exodus 17:1-7, Numbers 20:1-13, 1 Corinthians 10:1-4

In scripture we see that thirst is physical, spiritual and symbolic of other conditions. After their deliverance from slavery in Egypt, Israel wandered in the desert for forty years before entering the Promised Land. The Apostle Paul says, “Now these things happened to them as an example, but they were written down for our instruction.” (1Corinthians 10:11) Part of the example and instruction relates to their thirst. We find thirst:

06-19-16 Water: Deliverance

Water: Deliverance

Exodus 13:21-15:21

One of the defining events in the history of Israel is God freeing His people from slavery in Egypt. The culminating act is God parting the waters of the Red Sea so Israel could escape the Egyptian army. God still brings deliverance. The greatest deliverance is from our sin to restored relationship with God, hope, peace and purpose through our Lord Jesus.

06-12-16 Water-The Flood

Water: The Flood
Genesis 6-9

The usual view of the account of Noah focuses on the ark and the animals. Sometimes there are references to Noah’s neighbors and their reaction to the ark, animals and the flood. But the account is far more than a cute children’s story. Though it lacks the advantage of understanding God’s purposes through Jesus Christ, the good news is definitely taught and demonstrated.

06-05-16 Water-Creation

Water: Creation

Genesis 1 & 2

Today we start a series that draws on the theme of water in the Bible. There are many key events where water is an agent and/or a symbol of God’s work. We begin with creation and consider the amazing role that water plays

05-22-16 Joyfully Loving in Truth

Joyfully Loving in Truth
2 John

We have the advantage today of reading an entire letter to see its context and connections. In the Apostle John’s letters and in his gospel we find the recurring themes of love, truth and joy. Even more, we are drawn to their inseparable and beautiful connection to one another. John’s message is both simple and profound.

05-15-16 Resisting the Devil

Resisting the Devil

1 Peter 5:5-14

As Peter concludes his letter, his final admonition is to resist the devil. The Apostle Paul has a similar thought in 2 Corinthians 2:11, “so that we would not be outwitted by Satan; for we are not ignorant of his designs.” All of the New Testament writers and Jesus have warnings about the devil or Satan. We do best to pay attention.

05-08-16 Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership
1 Peter 5:1-5

After his summation of how we are to view and endure suffering, Peter addresses the qualities of leadership which will be needed in the church as people face various trials. Though primarily directed to elders, he is really speaking to all of us since leaders are to be examples of faith for the church. Peter identifies himself as a fellow elder, a witness of the sufferings of Christ and as a partaker in the glory that is going to be revealed. He exhorts the leadership to:

05-01-16 Rejoicing in Christ

Rejoicing in Christ
1 Peter 4:12-19

We continue with the theme of suffering. How we respond is critical. Faith and holy conduct are necessary. Peter also emphasizes rejoicing in the Lord because it is an incredible outward witness of the inward heart and mind.

04-24-17 Serving One Another

Serving One Another
1 Peter 4:7-11

As we serve one another, we will also extend ourselves outward to serve the world. Scripture is clear that love and service begins within the household of God to bring encouragement to each other and then to act as a powerful witness of God’s grace. Peter helps us to see several important facets of serving one another.

04-17-16 Arm Yourselves with Christ’s Way of Thinking

Arm Yourselves with Christ’s Way of Thinking

1 Peter 4:1-6

Earlier in this letter, Peter wrote, “Therefore, preparing your minds for action, and being sober-minded, set your hope fully on the grace that will be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ. As obedient children, do not be conformed to the passions of your former ignorance, but as he who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct.” (1:13-15) Through the lens of suffering for the sake of Christ, Peter returns to this insight of right thinking.