Jesus Christ our Savior. His Cross our Message. His Word our Guide.

12-24-17 Godly Guidance – Fourth Sunday of Advent

Godly Guidance

Matthew 2:1-23

This Advent, I have shared the birth of our Lord through the activity of angels. We started with an Amazing Announcement to Mary. Then Joseph had a Crucial Corrective. A Paramount Proclamation was made to the Shepherds. Today we see Godly Guidance being given to the wise men and to Joseph.

Wise Men and His Star

Created order and revealing Jesus

Leading and joyful anticipation

Scripture fulfillment and devout worship (Micah 5:2)


Diversion and Safety

Wise men and Herod

Joseph and family

Scripture fulfillment and God’s Revealed Will (Hosea 11:1)


Ugly and Ignored Christmas Story

Evil and the need for the Savior

Horrendous brutality and unspeakable anguish

Scripture fulfillment and God’s Strange Will (Jeremiah 31:15)


Concerns and Fine-tuning

Strangers and adversity

Homeward bound and a new direction

Scripture fulfillment (prophets) and a play on words (Isaiah 11:1)

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