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10-01-17 The Good Shepherd Knows His Own

The Good Shepherd Knows His Own

John 10:1-21 & Psalm 23

Behind Jesus’ declaration, “I am the good shepherd.” is the richness of David’s Psalm 23. Last week we considered the good shepherd laying down his life for the sheep. This week we will explore how the good shepherd knows his own and his own know him. 

The Good Shepherd Has Sovereign Knowledge (John 10)

Is known by and knows the Father


Knows us intimately


Because He knows us, we can know Him

    We love because He first loved us. ! John 4:19


We are the other sheep who listen to His voice


The Good Shepherd Cares for Hurting Sheep (Psalm 23)

Comforts us as we walk through the painful valleys of life


Provides peace when someone is out to get us


Gives us special anointing for an abundance of life

Goodness and mercy → hope

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