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09-30-18 Spirit Enabled

Spirit Enabled

Romans 8:1-11, 12-17, 26-30

 As disciples, we are to learn and have our faith shaped by “the whole counsel of God” (Acts 20:27). We are only able to accomplish this through the work of the Holy Spirit. Romans 8 is an incredible chapter. Many theologians consider it to be the most significant chapter in the Bible. We cannot even begin to scratch the surface of the depth of theology found there about the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Even narrowing our focus to the ministry of the Holy Spirit, we only have time to lightly touch on a few aspects. The Holy Spirit:

Applies Forgiveness

Sets us free from the law of sin and death (vs 2)

Applies the righteousness of Christ to us (vs 4 & 10)

Provides true peace (vs 6)

Gives life (vs 10-11)


Empowers Faith

Dwells within us (vs 11)

Puts to death the deeds of the body (vs 13)

Leads us so we can walk according to the Spirit (vs 14, 4-5)


Assures the Fullness of Salvation

We have received the Spirit of adoption (vs 15)

Bears witness with our spirit that we are:

God’s children (vs 16)

heirs of God with Christ (vs 17)

suffering with Christ with purpose (vs 17)

glorified with Christ (vs 17, 28-30)


Intercedes on Our Behalf

In our weakness we don’t know how to pray (vs 26)

Shapes our prayers according to God’s will (vs 27)

Works God’s goodness for all who love God (vs 28-30)

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