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08-26-18 God’s Glory in His Work and Rest – part 1

God’s Glory in His Work and Rest

Ephesians 1:3-14 & Genesis 1:1, 1:31-2:3

God’s glory is the shining forth of His inward characteristics and His very being. What we perceive of God, we call glory. Our practical application today is merely to delight in God’s incredible glory that was revealed when He created all things. Today’s message also lays the foundation for next week (Labor Day weekend) when we will explore God’s Glory in Our Work and Rest.


God Created

Demonstrating His unlimited power

Exhibiting His varied beauty

Arising from His sufficient fullness

It Was Very Good

Choosing us before He laid the foundation of the world

Redeeming us through the blood of His Son

Sealing us with His promised Holy Spirit

God Rested

Completing His plan for the fullness of time

Showing He has no needs

Displaying the perfect peace He calls us to experience

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