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08-21-16 Water – A Cup of Mercy

Water: A Cup of Mercy

Matthew 10:40-42, 25:31-46

In both of these passages, Jesus uses the giving of a cup of water as an example and a symbol of an act of mercy. Jesus’ words are often challenging and meant to bring us closer to the heart of God and into a deeper faith.

Extend the Mercy You Have Received

(1) Not optional

(2) Arises out of faith responding to mercy (Matthew 25:34)

(3) A matter of the heart (Matthew 25:37-39)

(4) A grand inheritance or a frightening punishment

Understand the Priority of the Recipients

“my brothers” in context refers to other believers

Three historic wrong turns:

(1) “brothers” means everyone and the gospel is only a call to do good works with Jesus as the example

(2) Limiting mercy only to believers

(3) Neglecting mercy – faith is merely verbal affirmation

Biblical priorities:

(1) Family (Mark 7:9-13, 1 Timothy 5:8)

(2) Other Christians (Matthew 10 and 25, Hebrews 6:10)

(3) Other people (Matthew 5:7, 43-48; 6:1-4)

Attend to Practical Application

(1) Giving to the ministry of the church

(2) Support other ministries God puts on your heart

(3) Respond directly with people God puts in your path


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