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07-24-16 Water- Walking by Faith

Water: Walking by Faith

Matthew 14:22-33

One of the great Biblical accounts that illustrates faith is Jesus walking on water and the response of his disciples, especially Peter. Our faith grows and we can do unimaginable things when we:

Recognize the Divine Power of Jesus

Controls the elements of nature

Speaks calming words

Enabled Peter to walk on water

Worshipped as the Son of God


Risk to Go Where Jesus Says

Peter asked and risked

The other eleven disciples did not ask or risk


Don’t Give in to Fear

Winds of doubt will always blow

Sinking feelings and situations will follow


Keep Your Eyes on Jesus

He is our greatest treasure, hope and joy

He is the source of our strength and ability


Let Jesus Lift You Out of Any Failure

Call out for help

Help comes in God’s timing and manner


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