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06-12-16 Water-The Flood

Water: The Flood

Genesis 6-9

The usual view of the account of Noah focuses on the ark and the animals. Sometimes there are references to Noah’s neighbors and their reaction to the ark, animals and the flood. But the account is far more than a cute children’s story. Though it lacks the advantage of understanding God’s purposes through Jesus Christ, the good news is definitely taught and demonstrated.

We Risk Drowning from Our Own Choices

My way or God’s way (6:1-2)

Intention of our thoughts (6:5)

Wicked, evil corrupt actions follow (6:5, 11)

God’s heart of grief (6:6)

Justice flows from perfect love (6:7, 7:23)

Continuing dishonor (9:20-27)

God Floats Our Boat

Finding favor with God (6:8-9, 8:20)

God directs the way (6:14-16)

God does great acts and protects (7:16)

God brings us through floods to safety (7:11 – 8:19)

God provides for a fruitful life (9:1)

Rainbows Are a Reminder of God’s Gracious Promises

Demonstrates God’s sovereignty over creation (9:11)

One of two unconditional covenants (9:11) [other is Davidic]

Shows God’s faithfulness to His word (9:14-15)

Leads us to trust all His promises (9:12-13)

Calls attention to God’s patience (2 Peter 3: 8-9)

Prompts us in our call to share God’s love (2 Peter 3:8-9)

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