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05-15-16 Resisting the Devil

Resisting the Devil

1 Peter 5:5-14

 As Peter concludes his letter, his final admonition is to resist the devil. The Apostle Paul has a similar thought in 2 Corinthians 2:11, “so that we would not be outwitted by Satan; for we are not ignorant of his designs.” All of the New Testament writers and Jesus have warnings about the devil or Satan. We do best to pay attention.

Godly Encouragement

Exhort and declare to stand firm in the true grace of God

Resist the devil who seeks to devour

Be firm in your faith (through the work of the Spirit, 1:2)

Expect suffering as a common experience

Faithful Resistance

Humble yourselves under God’s mighty hand

Cast your anxieties on the caring God

Be sober-minded to unmask the designs of the devil

Be watchful for the prowling nature of the devil

All of Grace – It is God who:

Calls you to His eternal glory in Christ

Restores you to your intended state

Confirms you as His child

Strengthens you for service

Establishes you in His eternal kingdom

Exalts you (Spirit of glory and of God rests on you, 4:14)

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