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04-10-16 The Encouragement of Baptism

The Encouragement of Baptism
1 Peter 3:17-22

As we saw last week in the previous verses, Peter reminded us to be prepared for suffering and understand how it works for our good, other’s good and God’s glory. In these verses, Peter gives us more encouragement to endure suffering. Baptism is a powerful reminder of what God has done and of our commitment of faith.

First: Difficult Interpretation Issues with Verses 19-20
View 1: After the crucifixion, Jesus goes to Hades and preaches the gospel to those alive in Noah’s time. This view is held by few.
View 2: Jesus preached to the fallen angels after His death to demonstrate His power, victory and exaltation.
View 3: Jesus, in the spirit, preached through Noah to his contemporaries. (I lean more toward this interpretation.)
No matter which interpretation we believe, the proclamation of the gospel brings encouragement in the midst of suffering.

Baptism Signifies the Atoning Work of Jesus (vs 18)

Baptism Points to the Resurrection of Our Lord (vs 21)

Baptism Rejoices in the Exaltation of Christ (vs 22)

Baptism Depends Solely on God’s Grace (vs 21)

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