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04-09-17 Resurrection Certainty

Resurrection Certainty

Mark 12:18-27

God’s plan in history has connections we cannot even begin to see or understand. Some are revealed and some are behind the scenes. There are two connections in this passage that show the beauty of God’s plan over time. One is more immediate, tying together events just a few days apart. The other bridges the span of about 1400 years. These both show God working for our good and proclaim to us resurrection certainty.

Purposeful Encounters during Holy Week

Chief Priests, Scribes, Elders [Establishment] (11:27-12:12)

Challenged Jesus’ authority

Pharisees [Legalists] and Herodians [Political] (12:13-17)

Attempt to trap Jesus to embrace heresy or sedition

Sadducees [Priests and Political] (12:18-27)

Tried to trick Jesus through faulty arguments

A Clever Objection to the Resurrection Is Demolished

Defective worldview from incomplete view of Scripture

Deficient understanding of the power of God

Through common scripture Jesus reveals God’s eternal nature

Eternity emanates from God to His people

God’s intimacy is found in covenant relationship

The great “I AM” is echoed in the I AM statements of Jesus

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