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03-25-18 Take Heart – Jesus Has Overcome the World

Take Heart – Jesus Has Overcome the World

John 16:16-33

It was confusing, disappointing and frightening for His disciples to hear Jesus tell them He was going away. He promised to send another helper – the Holy Spirit, but none of this fit their expectations for the future. Verse 33 was a wake-up call to reality for them and it is for us as well.

You Will Have Tribulation (persecution, anguish, affliction, trouble)

Confusion over God’s activity in the world (vs 17-18)


Feeling scattered and alone (vs 32)


Take Heart (courage, boldness, confidence, good cheer, comfort)

Believe Jesus came from God (vs 27, 30, 31)


Experience secure and full joy (vs 22, 24)


Know the Father loves you (vs 27)


Find peace in Jesus’ words (vs 33)


Jesus Has Overcome the World (subdue, conquer, prevail, victory)

The Father is with Jesus (vs 32)


Ask the Father in Jesus’ name (vs 23, 26)


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