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02-04-18 Service of the Towel

Service of the Towel

John 13:1-17

Chapters 13 – 17 describe what takes place in the upper room during Jesus’ final Passover and last hours with his disciples. “His hour” had come. His ministry was about to be completed. He begins this meal with a dramatic and piercing living illustration. Every time I read this favorite story, God teaches me something new and I am challenged and encouraged.

 Jesus’ Heart and Identity are Unmistakable

Loving his own to the end


Having full authority and divinity


A True Servant Must First Receive

Battling against misunderstanding and hidden pride


Receiving grace and authority


Genuine Servanthood Requires Complete Submission

Serving vs. Servanthood


Expressing love through servanthood


Blessings Will Follow

Seeing them in this life on earth


Enjoying them forever in the age to come

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