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01-22-17 Signs and Wonders and Faith

Signs and Wonders and Faith

John 4:43-54

Jesus finishes his journey through Samaria and returns to Galilee. He is welcomed, but perhaps not for the right reasons. Just as the Father seeks those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth, so Jesus seeks those who will trust in His grace and truth and find beauty and delight in His glory.

Our Faith Is Only in Jesus Himself

Why do we come to Jesus?

To see signs and wonders – form of entertainment?

To have Him do miracles to meet our needs?

To find our only hope in Him and trust His word?

Jesus’ Ministry (including miracles) Is to Draw Us into Faith

Is our faith the key that opens the door to miracles?

Mark 6:1-6 – Our faith appears to hamper miracles

Luke 7:11-17 – Our faith has no part in a great miracle

God is sovereign always to work His will for our salvation

God’s Kingdom Is for All Who Have Faith

We see a planned progression in Jesus’ ministry:

Nicodemus – educated Jewish teacher of the law

You must be born again

Woman of Samaria – despised by Jews

Jesus offers living water

Gentile Official – enemy occupying forces

Faith rests in Jesus

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