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01-08-17 True Worship

True Worship

John 4:1-30

Jesus travels through Samaria, the region between Judea and Galilee to the north. Samaritans were a mixed race of Jew and Gentile and were despised by the Jews. Many Samaritans worshiped the true God, but had their own tradition of the scriptures and their holy place of worship on Mt. Gerizim. Jesus’ encounter with a woman of Samaria teaches us about worship.

Jesus Directs Our Path Ultimately to True Worship


Jesus Breaks Down Dividing Walls that Block Worship


Jesus Provides Living Water to Restore Us for Eternal Worship


Sinful Behavior Hinders Worship


Place and Style Are Not Central to Worship


Worship Is About the Father


We Are to Worship in Truth and in Spirit


The Father Seeks True Worshipers


Jesus Reveals the Father and Is Worthy of Worship

(John 14:1-11& 20:24-29)


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