Jesus Christ our Savior. His Cross our Message. His Word our Guide.


Recent Sermons

02-04-18 Service of the Towel

Service of the Towel
John 13:1-17
Chapters 13 – 17 describe what takes place in the upper room during Jesus’ final Passover and last hours with his disciples. “His hour” had come. His ministry was about to be completed. He begins this meal with a dramatic and piercing living illustration. Every time I read this favorite story, God teaches me something new and I am challenged and encouraged.

01-28-18 Whoever Believes in Jesus

Whoever Believes in Jesus…
John 12:37-50
We have spent a few weeks in the twelfth chapter of John. It covers the day before Palm Sunday up to the day before the Passover meal. It contains Jesus’ last teaching to the people and emphasizes who Jesus is and how He will bring salvation and eternal life to those who believe in Him.

01-21-18 That You May Become Sons of Light

That You May Become Sons of Light
John 12:27-36
The great blessing to us that comes through the cross of Jesus is that we may become fully restored sons and daughters of God. But there is much more about the cross that we need to reflect on so that we can fully delight in the grace given to us.