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07-17-16 Water: Jesus Gives Living Water

Water: Jesus Gives Living Water
John 4:1-42

Water plays a key role in one of Jesus’ most profound teachings on worship. Those who live in arid lands are very much aware of the life giving property of water. Jesus plays off of that and draws us into a deeper understanding of God.

07-10-16 Water: Jesus Manifests His Glory

Water: Jesus Manifests His Glory
John 2:1-11

It is a little surprising that Jesus’ first miracle was to turn water into wine. John tell us that through this Jesus manifested his glory and his disciples believed in him. Their faith rested in the evidence of what Jesus did and said. So our faith looks to Jesus as he manifests his glory by:

07-03-16 Water: Baptism

Water: Baptism

The New Covenant through Jesus replaced circumcision with baptism for the sign and seal of the covenant. God’s purposes provided a sign that was not painful, could be performed on women as well as men, was appropriate for public profession of faith, was clear in its symbolism and used the readily available instrument of water.