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04-22-18 Shall I Not Drink the Cup that the Father Has Given Me?

Shall I Not Drink the Cup that the Father Has Given Me?
John 18:1-27
Jesus and his disciples left the upper room, where they ate the Passover meal, and crossed the Kidron Valley to pray in the Garden of Gethsemane. From a human perspective, everything fell apart and they entered into crisis. But from God’s perspective, there is something far more horrendous and far more glorious than anyone could have imagined.

04-15-18 Sanctified in the Truth

Sanctified in the Truth
John 17:13-26
The prayer of Jesus in John 17 (often called The High Priestly Prayer) includes the themes of joy, love and truth. John’s life is so transformed that these become the major themes in his letters many years later. Last week, we saw in the first part of the prayer how the assurance of our eternal life is grounded in God’s glory. This week we see the way God assures our salvation is by purifying us in His truth. And remember this incredible truth, Jesus is praying this – for you.

04-08-18 And This Is Eternal Life

And This Is Eternal Life
John 17:1-13
John 17 is a prayer of Jesus, sometimes referred to as The High Priestly Prayer. He prays first for himself, then his disciples and then for all who will believe in him. Our focus today is on eternal life, which Jesus received authority from the Father to give. Many tend to think of eternal life as being forgiven, going to heaven, living forever and being reunited with loved ones. Jesus gives us a far deeper understanding: that you may know the only true God and Jesus Christ whom he sent.